Non-violence is the cornerstone of Extinction Rebellion (XR). We use non-violence to reveal the true perpetrators of systemic violence that people suffer from daily all over this world, worsened by the ongoing Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We use Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) to highlight the hypocrisy of greenwashing, reveal the truth behind the marketing, and speak truth to power.

We use NVDA because it works.

XR Brum acts independently towards its own local targets, receiving help from and giving help to other local XR groups and allied organisations.

A Few Example Actions

We target the worst drivers of the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Here is a small taste of the actions we undertake.

HSBC AGM 5/5/2023


HSBC has invested $145bn in fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement in 2016 and the bank’s climate pledges have been tarnished by a series of damaging exposés. Their Annual General Meeting was at the Eastside Rooms in Aston.


Inside we unfurled banners, sang songs, and repeatedly called out HSBC’s broken promises over its own climate pledges. Security eventually removed protesters after 45 minutes of disruption. Our goal was to make sure their role in the Climate and Ecological Emergency is on the AGM agenda.

Outside, alongside several other groups, we disrupted using our Brum Beats Samba Band and gave speeches. Our ‘Dirty Scrubbers’ performed a washing of HSBC as a dirty bank and we covered a ‘banker’ in green slime to represent HSBC’s greenwashing. Our goal was to turn a dignified AGM into a ridiculous spectacle and to ensure that media coverage of the meeting included XR.

What Next?

We will continue our campaign against dirty banks that use your money to fund your destruction.

You can help by finding out how environmentally-friendly your bank is. If you’re unhappy with your bank, move your money and tell them why. We encourage you to call complaints teams and visit your local branch. Register your anger, but remember the staff that work there are real people.

Amazon Blockade 17/11/2021


Amazon emits more greenhouse gasses than many entire countries. Packaging is often wasteful. Their business model erodes workers’ rights and contributes to a throwaway culture.


Brummie rebels blockaded deliveries at Rugeley and Derby distribution sites until most were arrested. We delayed deliveries, forced Amazon to invest in expensive security, and drew attention to their actions.

What Next?

As long as Amazon uses its wealth to continue the Climate and Ecological Emergency, we will continue the fight. You can help by avoiding shopping with Amazon. Challenge purchasing policies at your workplace. Refuse Amazon vouchers.

Council Inaction – Ongoing


Birmingham City Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and officially aims to become net-zero by 2030. It is very much not on track. Birmingham also has one of the lowest recycling rates in the UK.


Several large-scale public demonstrations to draw attention to council inaction. Disruptive drumming around Tyseley incinerator (where much of your ‘recycling’ likely goes) and outreach with local residents who suffer from the pollution.

What Next?

As always, sign up to our newsletter and join us marching. Contact your councillor and express your disapproval and let them know the environment is an issue you are willing to vote on.