A Powerful Aid for Talking to Friends, Family & Colleagues about Climate Change

Have you ever struggled to explain to friends, family and colleagues why you’re a climate activist?

Do they know why you’re deeply concerned about the Climate and Ecological Emergency?

Do they understand what this means for them?

Research shows we are more influenced by the views and actions of our peers than we realise. In being an activist, you are already influencing those around you. But this is just the beginning.

In talking about the climate and ecological emergency to those we’re close to, we have the potential to engage new allies and new activists – or at least to reduce the conflict and confusion that can arise when others don’t understand what we do.

But these conversations can be very difficult – emotionally and practically. Feeling the need to confront deep grief and fear, while ‘educating’ about climate science is a tough ask.

This is where this book comes in.

This ‘climate gift book’ was explicitly written for activists to give to the people they know, to build bridges and start these vital conversations.

The book was written by Birmingham XR rebel and physicist Dr Louis Keal, and crowdfunded with the support of Birmingham XR rebels.

  • This short, illustrated book introduces the climate and ecological crisis in simple, clear and concise terms.
  • It focuses on making Climate Change relevant to people’s everyday lives,
  • Defusing common misconceptions and denial arguments.
  • It gives a frank account of the world humanity is currently heading for, but paints a picture the better world we’re working towards as activists.
  • Throughout, it contains invitations to discuss its contents.

The book is available as a free PDF, but physical copies to give to others are ‘pay as you feel’ – you choose the price that you can pay, for as many copies as you need.

To get the free PDF, order copies or find out more about the book, visit www.agiftforconversation.com

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