Welcome to the Rebellion. We need everyone.

There’s more to XR than being arrested, and many of us work in professions where a criminal record would devastate a career.

We need a diverse group of people to achieve our goals; there’s space for everyone. We encourage everyone to find a role that suits their experience. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Organisers, artists, crafts people, musicians, builders, photographers, public speakers, dancers, educators, networkers, writers, gardeners, construction specialists, performers, designers, techies and many more.

Find your role. Join the Rebellion.

Ready to learn more? Attend an Introduction to XR Birmingham event.

Learn More

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Get Involved

Once you’ve attended an Intro to XR Brum session, the next step is to get involved. Information on everything can be found in the newsletter or by emailing extinctionrebellionbham@gmail.com

  • Attend a general meeting in-person or online
  • Join a working group
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