Outreach means talking with people about what we do. We do this all over the city to ensure we reach everyone with our message and we have a variety of ways we communicate.

If you would like us to attend your event, school, or organisation. Please email us at extinctionrebellionbham@gmail.com

Outreach also means listening to everyone. When doing outreach, we are often actively challenged on our views and methods. In the lively democracy we want, we embrace this.

We listened when the public told us they wanted us to target governments and polluters instead of road users. We will keep listening.


We organise events such as talks and discussion evenings to give opportunities to learn, connect, and productively debate.

We need this experience in participatory democracy to prepare the City of Birmingham and the UK as a whole for our third demand, Citizens’ Assembles.

Almost all of our events are free to attend and many of the larger events include a free shared meal. We would love to see you there.

To find out more, sign up for our mailing list and check out our Eventbrite.

Survey Boards


According to the ONS, Climate Change is the second largest concern for UK adults after the Cost of Living Crisis, which itself is being caused by volatile fossil fuel prices. 75% of people in England say they are very or somewhat worried.

We use our survey boards for most of our outreach with the general public, letting us listen to everyone’s concerns. Our questions are also a useful way for the public to ask us about what we do.

If you see the survey boards around Birmingham, be sure to come and have a conversation. We would love to hear your opinions.

Art and Design


Part of a Rebellion is imagining a better, regenerative future. Our current world attacks us with advertising; we use art and design to change that.

We create clothing, patches, badges, and accessorise other items all with XR’s own very distinct branding.

Making these things gives us time to connect with people and to speak with them about the issues they care about. It also makes the world a nicer place to look at.