Outreach and Mobilisation

Outreach is about ‘reaching out’ to people: having conversations about climate change and getting people thinking. Of course we also want people to join XR, but that’s not the sole purpose. The government and media are so reluctant to tell the truth about what’s happening to our world and what needs to be done – so we want to share what we know and encourage people to take action in whatever way they can. We do this in a few different ways:

Project 3.5

This is a project started in 2022 in line with XR’s updated strategy with the goal of mobilising thousands of new rebels.

Why 3.5? Research has shown that in the past social movements have had a great chance of success once they get 3.5% of the population engaged with the issue. Of course there’s no magic number but the point is, we need lots more rebels to tell the government to act now.

The Project 3.5 cycle consists of periods of outreach (doorstep conversations and leafletting) to invite people to a talk, after which we follow up and welcome them in so they feel part of our community as quickly as possible.

Pink Tables

Pink has long been one of XR’s preferred colours and the idea of painting a table bright pink and setting out on the street began in the summer of 2021. The idea is to set up somewhere public and invite people to ‘come to the table’ and have their say.

Other Outreach Events

In Birmingham we do ad hoc outreach fairly frequently. We set up stalls at local festivals and sometimes offer creative activities like block printing or badge making. We also try to venture out of the City Centre and bring our banners and flyers to different areas in Birmingham.