The very same companies that invest in fossils fuels, generate huge plastic waste, and create the most harmful emissions are the ones that also dominate most of our public space.

Birmingham, like all UK cities, has allowed billionaires and their companies to dominate much of our city’s face with their images and adverts. Think about it next time you’re out and about; how much of the distinctive features of your travel is paid-for space to convince you to buy things you otherwise wouldn’t want?

Paint the streets is our efforts to claw back a little space from those harming us the most.

Posters, Banners, and Stickers


The simplest way we can reclaim space in Birmingham is with posters, banners, and stickers. The climate movement is run on a shoestring budget and these things are cheap, and noticeable.

XR Brum use these methods to spread the word about the ongoing Climate and Ecological Crisis and to point people to us as next step in taking action.

Does it make the city untidy? We think our posters and stickers are easier to look at than blazing adverts, especially those from electric billboards that use the energy of between 3-11 houses.



Check out this video by Dog Section Press about Subvertising in London to find out more about the concept. If you’re thinking of giving it a go yourself, we recommend this guide.

Watch this space for Birmingham.