This weekend across the country (and Europe), over a dozen Amazon Fulfilment Centres were blockaded by activists! Rebels from Brum were at two sites in Derby and Rugeley.

Why did we do this? Amazon encourages a culture of materialism and overconsumption, using resources in a way that can’t last. There are often very poor working conditions for Amazon’s employees, with health and safety being disregarded for profit. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, is one of the richest people in the world and yet rather than using his wealth to support a transition to a just and sustainable society, he is spending it on space travel.

Rebels arrived at their sites early on Friday morning and lasted various amounts of time out in the freezing cold before being arrested (in most cases).

During the blockade no lorries could get in or out of the sites, meaning we disrupted a lot of deliveries! Workers expressed huge support of our action and in some cases business was so disrupted that employees were sent home for the day on full pay.