Back in April when we took to the streets in London, new rebel Charly joined us there. It was their first ever Rebellion and their first time taking action with XR! Here’s an insight into their experience.


Did you ever wonder what being part of a rebellion feels like?

Me too, that is why I joined the XR group from Birmingham who travelled to London for the XR protest week this April that happens twice a year. It was very easy to get in touch with XR, which made me happy. I chose to be part of it as I am passionate about matters regarding the climate, as it is something that ultimately affects us all. Furthermore, I joined the protest as I wanted to get to know XR better, learn more about climate activism and how to get involved. In addition, participating in protests gives me a lot of energy because seeing people fighting together on the streets for the same goal motivates me to join the struggle against the climate crisis.

After spending three days at the Rebellion all my hopes were pretty much fulfilled and I was too. Marching through the streets of London gave me the spirit I needed.
I met a lot of wonderful people, learnt about the core aims of XR and how they wish to achieve them but also in what ways I can contribute towards more global climate justice.

During the Rebellion, I distributed flyers and talked to passers-by about how they feel about the climate crisis and how they can get involved in climate action. It was very informative to get other people’s perspectives on the climate crisis and what they think they need to take action themselves. This is part of the outreach strategy of XR. The goal is to get more people on board, to spread awareness and dismantle prejudices. To be able to do this I had to participate in trainings in the mornings when we all met at Hyde Park. I was impressed how well-organised XR is and how easy they make it for people who is new to participate. For example, I always knew to whom I could talk in case I have any questions and everybody was really helpful. I learnt a lot by attending the trainings and by doing outreach myself.

My personal highlight was when we blocked four different bridges of the Thames, because it made me aware of how much power lays in the hands of people when they unite and stand for a common cause. Something I also really enjoyed was the fact that joy and fun were not to be missed. We ended the days with relaxed pub evenings where we talked about our day and laughed a lot.

It was also a good opportunity to connect more with people from different areas and realise that one is not alone with one´s worries, hopes and values. There was a lot of solidarity and care within the group which I appreciated a lot, it made me feel at home and welcomed. 

After all, I travelled home with one laughing eye and one crying eye.  I was sad that time had passed so fast but very grateful of the experiences I had and the people I met. I hope the spirit that I found during these few days will keep my rebellious heart alive until the next action!
See you soon!!

By Charly